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BCCPAC Resolution - Motion by SD73 DPAC

BCCPAC Resolution - Motion by SD73 DPAC

by SD73 DPAC -
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Hi everyone,

For the very first time, SD73 DPAC has submitted put forth a motion of resolution for consideration at BCCPAC's AGM in May.

We are asking BCCPAC to advocate for more funding for the Ministry of Education that can be put towards annual facilities maintenance in schools.

See below for a copy of our resolution submission, or click on the attached document for the PDF version.

Remember that if you are one of the 12 schools in our district who is a paid member of BCCPAC, you have a vote at this year's AGM and can help us support this resolution.  In the next few weeks I will be sending out proxy forms - your school can cast a vote through one of the SD73 parents attending the AGM.  DPAC is sending two reps.

Stay tuned!  And don't forget to attend the Budget meeting for parent input on April 9th at the School Board office on 9th (across from Kamloops school of the Arts).  I will remind you about that again closer to the date.




2020 BCCPAC AGM - Motion for Resolution

Title of Resolution: Advocacy for increased annual Ministry of Education (MoE) funding 

Type of Resolution: Ordinary 

Submitted by: Kamloops-Thompson DPAC SD73 

Contact Person: SD73 DPAC Secretary Erin Mitchell –

Resolution Wording: BCCPAC advocate to the Minister of Finance (MoF) to increase the annual budget of the MoE to allow for adequate funding of facilities maintenance.

Proposer’s Position Statement Supporting the Resolution:

Facilities Maintenance is an important part of the education system.  The underfunding of the MoE by the MoF directly correlates to the underfunding of facilities maintenance in provincial schools.  This means districts must choose between consequential maintenance and essential learning resources.

Systemic underfunding has led to inadequate facility maintenance throughout the Province.  The Annual Facilities Grant has increased by only 9% in the last 17 years, which is well below inflation levels.  Province-wide deferred maintenance is at an all-time high.  Districts struggle to fund necessary repairs, and are unable to work on facility improvements.

Deterioration and impairment is visible across the Province, illustrated by:

·        Mould and air quality concerns in Sicamous, Nelson, Saanich and Surrey

·        Inconsistent washroom facilities in Coquitlam,

·        Lead-contaminated drinking water throughout the Province

Out of necessity, funding for essential classroom resources are diverted by Districts to fund critical facility infrastructure.  This has resulted in a shortage of:

·        Textbooks 

·        Science equipment

·        Sports equipment

·        Fine art supplies

·        Musical instruments

·        Trades and technology equipment

Funding for these resources has become the responsibility of the local Parent Advisory Councils, which has led to inequities based on geographic area and socioeconomic status.

Monies allocated to the MoE by the MoF are insufficient.  It is simply impossible for the MoE to adequately repair and maintain provincial school facilities under current funding constraints.  Every student in British Columbia deserves a safe and comfortable learning environment in addition to a fair and equitable opportunity to grow.  We, therefore, call on the BCCPAC to advocate for an increase in the annual budget for education, which would allow for adequate funding of facilities maintenance.