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October's Parent Education Session

October's Parent Education Session

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October Parent Engagement Session: 
Understanding ADHD to Help Our Children Succeed in an Educational Setting
Date: Thursday, October 15th
Time: 6:30 to 7:30pm
Live Streamed via Facebook  (Check out the SD73 Website for more info!)

Presenter's Bio: 
Dan Duncan is an ADHD Coach/Consultant who coaches privately through his business ADHD Inside Out. As well, he works in association with the BC Interior ADHD Clinic, and UBCO as an academic strategist. Dan was diagnosed with ADHD in his 30’s. Together with his wife, they also raised two sons - one has ADHD, the other does not. The son who has ADHD is in his first year of full-time teaching as a grade 9 teacher, while his other son is just finishing up a Masters degree.

Session Description:
In this presentation, Dan hopes to shift mindsets from the symptom focused Outside In Perspective; to the Inside Out Perspective which provides a simple and useable understanding of ADHD brain function. The ADHD Inside Out Framework that he has developed allows participants to understand and respond to ADHD properly; what’s more, it explains ADHD in simple terms, which makes the Framework useable by anyone who encounters ADHD.
Dan would also like to impart a strategy or two that will help you gain mileage in helping your student succeed in an educational setting.