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Dr. Henry's message from Friday Oct 2nd

Dr. Henry's message from Friday Oct 2nd

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Hi everyone, 

ICYMI, here is a breakdown of Dr. Henry's messaging from her update Friday Oct 2nd.

Thank you to our Provincial PAC for continuing to advocate for parents/students during this election period, and for keeping us posted.

Update for K-12 - October 2
Dr. Henry provided another briefing on Oct 1 with a focus on the K-12 setting and schools. Dr. Henry was very factual, quite candid and provided further clarity and understanding. She also provided examples to help illustrate.
You can watch her full briefing here:
Key Messages:
"There continue to have exposure events in the province"
"School exposure events are being posted to regional health and BCCDC websites"
"There is a lot of concern and anxiety still around schools"
"There is a C19 safety plan for each school and they are liaising with their public health officer“
"As our understanding of C19 has grown, so has our understanding of what safe activities we are all able to do."
"We adjust as we learn. Its important to recognize they don't always get it right at the start."
Dr. Henry recognized that initially there wasn't consistency in communication and PHO is working thru those issues and is confident in the current alignment and approach across regional health authorities.
"Teams have done contact tracing of every single case of an exposure identified at school. Sometimes there are staff or students who have been identified as having C19 but who have not been in school during their infectious period - these are not exposure events."
"The contact tracing is working well - they know as they have been able to manage each exposure event."
"Public health teams are on the ground identifying every new case and following processes to alert and notify the school community."
"School Exposure is when a single person is confirmed positive for C19 and has been in the school during their infection period."
"School Clusters is when two or more persons are confirmed positive for C19 and has been in the school during their infection period."
"Outbreak in a school setting is when there is ongoing transmission, and public health is not clear who is transmitting to who, and there's widespread transmission in the school or between learning groups."
"We have not had any outbreaks in our schools."
"Every time there is a school exposure, public health contact tracing kicks into gear and is done."
"The tracers are very good at what they do and they understand what type of contact puts someone at risk of being exposed to C19."
"They identify who is a close contact and who isn't. Even if you have been in a school setting with someone - you may not be a close contact and may not be at risk of exposure yourself."
"Anyone who did have contact where the virus was transmitted has been contacted"
"Those who aren't at risk, will not be contacted."
If you don't have close contact, then PHO asks that you monitor yourself.
"We know our system is working as we are preventing outbreaks from happening."
"We are learning to live with this virus and to minimize its impact on our communities."
The Operational Guidelines for School Districts & Independent School Authorities were updated today. You can find the updated document here:
Of note, the Financial Planning section of the been updated.
And ICYMI - Dr Henry addressed schools in her briefing on Sept 24. We captured the key messages in our Sept 26 Update - Read it if you haven't -