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DPAC Dates for the 2015/16 School Year

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DPAC Dates for the 2015/16 School Year
by SD73 DPAC - Monday, 28 September 2015, 9:07 AM


DPAC reps for the 2015-2016 school year, please mark your calendars.  All meetings are held at Henry Grube Education Centre at 7pm and meetings generally last approximately 2 hours.

Education session topics will be posted soon!

Please note that (Exec) refers to DPAC Executive members only and (GM) are General Meetings that ALL SD73 DPAC reps are invited to attend.  Meeting Rooms at Henry Grube are listed below.

October 20 (GM)-room 1B


November 3 (exec)-room 4                                                                                November 17 (GM)-room 1B


December 1 (exec)-room 4                                                                                December 15 (GM)-room 1B


January 5 (exec)-room 4                                                                                      January 19 (GM)-room 1B


February 2 (exec)-room 4                                                                                    February 16 (GM)-room 1B


March 1 (exec)-room 4                                                                                         March 15 (GM)-room 1B


April 5 (exec)-room 4                                                                                             April 19 (GM and AGM)-room 1B


May 3 (exec)-room 4                                                                                             May 17 (GM)-room 1B


June 7 (exec)-room 4                                                                                             June 21 (GM)-room 1B