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Important dates for Parent Info Sessions

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Important dates for Parent Info Sessions
by SD73 DPAC - Friday, 22 January 2016, 2:42 PM
Hello wonderful DPAC reps and PAC Chairs...
There are several important dates that need to be forwarded to your parents.  Details can be found within the minutes from the January 19th meeting.
1.  Unplug and Play events start tomorrow morning at Henry Grube.
2.  Food Safe is tentatively booked for February 20th, but we are still awaiting final confirmation from the instructor.  Remember, at least one person needs to have FoodSafe at your PAC food events. 
3.  Askable Adult is tentatively booked for April 14th but again, we are awaiting confirmation from the educator.  Let's get the word out that this awesome education is coming back again.
4.  Jesse Miller is coming to do a "Mediated Reality" social medication education and awareness session for parents on Thursday March 10th.  He'll be visiting schools as well, but the session on March 10th is directed to parents.  Seating is limited so we'll be handing out (free) tickets to this event.  We're still working out exactly how to distribute the tickets. but for now, please get the word out!
5.  BCCPAC will be held the weekend of April 29th.  Want to attend for free?!  Travel to Kelowna, hotel, food and conference included!  We just need you to do a presentation to our group when you get back!  Details:
6.  Accountability Framework:  The accountability frameworks is a longstanding series of reports provided through the school district.  Most parents found these reports long and very difficult to navigate and understand.  As a result, the old reports have gone out the window and a new report is being designed.  The school district wants to know what kind of information we want in these reports.  Do we want to know about how our kids are doing academically compared to other kids?  How do you want that information presented?  Should it be a more holistic report that includes things such as athletics and school spirit?  What do you want that to look like?  we are looking for at least a few more parents to go to the next meeting on February 3rd from 8:30-noon (only one went last time).  Email Erin for the details on where to go and what's involved.