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by SD73 DPAC - Thursday, 7 April 2016, 11:17 AM
It is with enormous amounts of enthusiasm that your DPAC group can announce that the ridiculously popular Askable Adult session is coming back to Kamloops.
In previous years we've had hundreds of parents just like you attend this great session.  Even if you've heard it all before, come attend again!  Your kids are older, technology has changed, and there's more to learn.
The fantastic folks at Aberdeen Elementary have taken on the task of hosting this event, and we're looking to sell out every space in the gym.
DPAC is paying the $500 to have the educator put the session on, but we're paying for all her travel expenses (mileage/hotel) from donations at the event.  We're suggesting a minimum donation of $5 for folks to attend, but hey, if they want to donate $10 or $20 instead, we'd literally do a little happy dance of thanks.  (Previous sessions cost up to $20 to attend).
So!  Here's what we need you PAC Chairs/DPAC Reps and Parent Champions to do:
1)  We only have 2 weeks to collect registrations/commitments to attend the event.  We don't want 500 people showing up if we can only accommodate 200 so please have folks commit to attending and donating at least $5 by emailing
2) Post these attached posters everywhere!  Teacher's lounges!  Parent announcement boards!  Emails to all parents from your Pac Prez!  Talk to anyone who has attended and they'll tell you that this is the best session they've been to on the subject! 
3)  ATTEND!!!  Come and hear this wonderful presentation.  I've been 4 times.  Really.  I learn something new every time.  It was fantastic when I had preschoolers and it's great now that I have Tweens.  Parents with kids going through the highschool years where "sexting" is a thing are definitely going to find this a useful presentation too. 
Questions?  Let me know and I'll try to help you out.
See you on April 26th at Aberdeen Elementary!