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by SD73 DPAC - Friday, 22 April 2016, 9:25 AM


Popular "Askable Adult" Returns to Kamloops April 26th


SD73 DPAC sent out a request at the beginning of the year to parents asking:  What education sessions would you like brought to you this year?  The BIG one parents asked for?  The "Askable Adult".  The folks from Options For Sexual Health in Vancouver have brought this popular education session to Kamloops three previous times, and they've all been a sell out. It's for parents of every age group:  an interactive program that touches on everything from talking to preschoolers (naming body parts, good touch/bad touch) to talking to older teens (what the heck is "Sexting" anyway?).

Opt aims to help adults "not get weird" with awkward conversations, and help them become safe, "askable" adults.  Talking to kids aobut sexuality and reproduction can be difficult!  The Askable Adult course takes participants through exercises to discover why they might feel uncomfortable talking about sex ed wth kids, provides strategies for caregivers on how to overcome these feelings, and looks at how to begin discussions and share information in a clear and understandable way.  Participants will hear suggestions on what kind of sexual health info is needed at various ages, how to handle kids' tricky questions, what kinds of words to use, how to talk about your feelings, emotions, and personal family values, and explore personal beliefs around sensitive topics.
In a nutshell, the more informed we are as caregivers, the more opportunities we have to communicate with our children.  Parents and guardians are the primary sexuality educators for children, but sometimes we need tools to take advantage of the teachable moments. 
The interactive workshop is 3 hours long and will be held beginning at 6pm at Aberdeen Elementary on Tuesday the 26th.  Nothing like a little birds and bees talk in the Spring!
Parents can register for free through the DPAC email address, but we are asking those who are able to contribute a $5 donation at the event to help cover costs of putting the session on.

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