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Draft Agenda for Tomorrow's DPAC!

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Draft Agenda for Tomorrow's DPAC!
by SD73 DPAC - Monday, 14 November 2016, 9:02 PM

Hi everyone,

Your friendly neighborhood nightshift worker once again apologizes for neglecting her DPAC Secretary duties until the last moment!!!  Yikes!  Sorry.

Okay, attached please find the draft agenda for tomorrow's meeting.  Draft, draft.  There may be more, there may be surprises, but there will definitely be a wonderful brief education session by Dr. Davey and Les Matthews (TRU Professor) about a sleep clinic they are running for children.  So cool!!!  Come hear all about it!

We will also be talking more about social media and PACs (we didn't really understand the issue last meeting), math and reading on the new curriculum (question from Beattie) and will get the usual updates from our Superintendent and Board Trustees.

See you all tomorrow.