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by SD73 DPAC - Wednesday, 4 January 2017, 11:21 AM

Hi everyone,

Please let your PACs know that they are all invited to attend our DPAC meeting on January 17th at 7pm at Henry Grube.

We will be foregoing most of the business meeting to make room for two really important and requested talks:

Angela Lawrence, the SD Counsellor, will be coming to talk to us about the Drug/Fentanyl/Opioid Crisis. 

Amanda Russett, the District Numeracy Coordinator, will be coming to teach us the "new" math curriculum that our children are learning (anyone else burst into tears trying to understand the "new" grade 4 math?  I know I did).

As always, DPAC meetings are open for any parent to attend, (voting is limited to the DPAC reps, of course) so spread the word that these two information sessions are happening.  What we're really hoping to happen is that all 60something PACs in our School District will come and get information, and then bring it back to your schools.  If your school  wants more information and/or a larger presentation from either Amanda or Angela for your school's parents, you will then have the contact and the basic information from January 17th's talk to bring forward.

Questions?  Let me know!

Our DPAC Meetings are always the third Tuesday of the month at 7pm at Grube

A couple of other important bits of information:

Attend the Lenore Skenazy night!  Organized by KELLI, supported by SD73 DPAC, and happening on January 26th at 6:30pm at the Sandman Centre.  FREE!!!  See attached poster.

Attend the Community Meeting with the Ministry of Education!  Upcoming community meeting, hosted by the Ministry of Education and SD73, on what student reporting for K-9 will look like with the new curriculum.  The meeting will take place on Monday January 30th from 5-8pm at the Henry Grube Education Centre.  

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF CHANGES TO BYLAWS:  The annual general meeting will be held the third Tuesday in April.  If you want to propose an amendment to any DPAC Bylaw or our Constitution, it must be done in writing two months in advance.  Deadline for submission of proposed bylaw amendments is February 7th (DPAC Exec Meeting) to be presented at the February General Meeting.  More information to follow shortly.