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Minutes of Feb 21 DPAC Meeting

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Minutes of Feb 21 DPAC Meeting
by SD73 DPAC - Thursday, 2 March 2017, 12:07 PM

Sorry for the delay everyone, my kids have the hacking cough and everyone in my house is walking around like a zombie (I need braaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnssss).

Anyhoo, here are the February DPAC meeting minutes.

Included:  Bylaw Amendments proposed for AGM (Exciting!!!).  Please read through if you have any trouble sleeping at night.  It'll knock you right out.

Also:  Nominate yourself/someone you love/someone who just doesn't have enough to do at night/etc to sit on next year's DPAC Exec!  Qualifications?  You love sitting around a table with stakeholders (Superintendent/Board of Trustees) to help make a difference in our kids' schools (2 meetings a month)/you're a DPAC rep from your school. 

Voting will be held in April at the AGM and you must be present to vote (sorry, no proxies.  I know that blows chunks for you folks in Blue River...but we can try to set up a video link so you can attend in virtual person!  Let me know if you're interested!)

See y'all in April (my last meeting as Secretary!  Maybe?) , and have a safe and wonderful Spring Break!
DPAC Secretary