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Agenda for January 15, 2019 DPAC General Meeting

Agenda for January 15, 2019 DPAC General Meeting

by SD73 DPAC -
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Hi everyone,

Please see attached for Draft agenda for Tuesday's meeting.

Please invite all parents to come out and hear Art McDonald's Facilities report, which was also recently presented to the board.  Long story short:  We need more space, more money, more portables, more buses, and more teachers to help with our continued increasing enrollment.  At some schools, the situation is absolutely dire.  Come get the details - I've seen the report and it's absolutely shocking how few resources we get at SD73 compared to other regions in the province.

This is also a preliminary call for anything resolutions-related for our April AGM.  We will be working to continue tweaking our bylaw wording to be more in-line with other DPACs in the province.  If you have any ideas/special resolutions to put forth, we'd love to have them asap.  Deadline is in two weeks because we need to have all new (potential) wording out to the membership 2 months before the AGM.

See you Tuesday at 7pm at the Grube, friends.