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November 20th General Meeting
by SD73 DPAC - Tuesday, 13 November 2018, 10:08 AM

Good morning everyone,

Holy Doodle Batman, We have a HUGE meeting set up for Nov 20th.  See attached Draft Agenda.

We will be asking for reports from the Superintendent and Trustees now that the election is over.

We will be hearing from Kerri Schill, who attended meetings representing DPAC for SD73 with the Minister of Education at the BCCPAC Fall Conference.

We will be asking for help with our new Working Group to look at updating our Bylaws.

We will be looking for your opinions for education for the rest of the year (We want the EDGE to come back and do the actual presentation for us, since the officer in charge of this program in Kamloops couldn't make it last year, but what else would you like to see?).

There will be DPAC involvement with the Superintendent's Joint Advisory Committee on School Safety and we want to hear your thoughts so Chris can bring them forward to the meeting on the 23rd.

DPAC also has been asked to sit on the Committee looking at Report Cards and "Communicating Student Learning" and we would like to hear your thoughts on that as well (Valerie is sitting on that committee to represent parents).

Come one, come all!  It's going to be a busy one, and unfortunately I won't be there on time, since I fly in from Montreal at send any agenda items to me asap and I can add them on in advance.

Cheers everyone and see you Tuesday, Nov 20 at the Grube


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DPAC's SD73 Trustee Candidate Forum
by SD73 DPAC - Tuesday, 9 October 2018, 11:20 AM

Hi all, 

Please see attached for a poster to promote the upcoming DPAC Candidate Forum for SD73 Trustees.

See you Tuesday, October 16th at 7pm at the Henry Grube Education Centre!  There are 10 people running for 5 trustee positions.  Come and listen to the candidates' positions, and ask questions!

Moderated by Shane Woodford of Radio NL, our candidates will have 2 minutes to introduce themselves, then a minute to answer questions posed by the audience.

Trustees are directly accountable to the people they serve...YOU!  Come and meet the candidates!

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Minutes of the Sept 2018 DPAC General Meeting
by SD73 DPAC - Tuesday, 9 October 2018, 11:15 AM

Hi Everyone,

Here are the minutes of the 2018 September DPAC General Meeting.  

Please remember to promote the DPAC-sponsored SD73 Trustee Candidate Forum, happening Tuesday Oct 16 at 7pm at Henry Grube Education Centre (instead of our regular DPAC meeting).

The 10 candidates will be present to listen to our concerns and answer questions about pressing SD73 issues.  Remember, these folks will be responsible to build a school system that reflects our local priorities, so come out, ask questions, and cast an informed vote!

See you Tuesday,