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Cookie Dough Recall
by SD73 DPAC - Monday, 19 June 2017, 6:49 PM

Hi everyone,

Thank you to Juniper Ridge for passing on the info below related to the cookie dough recall.  Please pass info along to your PACs!

A popular fundraiser in our school district is Frozen Cookie Dough with a Canmore, Alberta based company called In-Dey-Go. 

One product is now under a Health Canada - Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CIFA) recall because of compromised flour ingredients.  This information was issued by CBC on Friday.  Because the Juniper Ridge PAC had a fundraiser with them in the fall we contacted them to clarify which product dates were affected.  It is one flavour (Dark Chocolate/White Chocolate Chunk) and one batch (17039), but if any other PACs in SD73 have used In-Dey-Go SINCE MARCH 2017, this product is now recalled for potential E.coli contamination.  Any fundraisers run before this date are fine.  

I was hoping you could relay this information to the other PACs so they aren’t caught flat footed if parents see this news release. In-Deg-Go is now getting something up on their website too.


Tracy Meldrum
Outgoing Chair - Juniper Ridge Elementary School PAC

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LAST 2016/17 school year DPAC is June 20th!
by SD73 DPAC - Monday, 19 June 2017, 6:46 PM

We made it!!!!  Last DPAC of the school year is tomorrow night (Tuesday, 7pm at Henry Grube).

Unfortunately, I can't make it...I'm hoping one of our fantastic Members at Large can take minutes for me.

Meetings resume the day after labour day for EXECUTIVE MEMBERS (newly appointed Members at large included!) and the first General Meeting is the third Tuesday in September at Grube (7pm.  Rooms TBA in September).

Minutes from the previous meeting are attached for your information.

<singing merrily> "See youuuuuuuu in Septemmmmmmberrrrrrrr"


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Buy your Elementary School coding robots at a discount!
by SD73 DPAC - Monday, 29 May 2017, 6:19 PM

Juniper is looking for another PAC to partner with them to buy the Sphero SPRK and Blue Bot robots in bulk.  Juniper needs 7, but there is a discount if you buy the robots in groups of 12.

The Sphero SPRK is a robotic ball which takes the mechanisms used to control toys such as the BB-8 droid and uses them as a way to teach children -- and adults -- the basics of coding

Blue-Bot is a Bluetooth enabled floor robot compatible with your tablet or PC. Blue-Bot™ helps you code, debug and simulate algorithms. Plan your algorithm on the screen of your device and send it remotely for Bluetooth enabled Blue-Bot to perform right in front of you!

The rechargeable Blue-Bot has a clear shell so children can see the components inside and identify how it works.  Blue-Bot is capable of performing 45 degree turns and kids can also include repetitions of an algorithm. For ages 3 – 11 yrs.

Does your school need 5?  Want to get those 5 robots at a cheaper price?

Let's partner you with Juniper!

Contact Erin for details at