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Next meeting Nov 21 at Lloyd George library
by SD73 DPAC - Tuesday, 17 October 2017, 12:47 PM

DPAC General Meeting


Tuesday October 17, 2017


Henry Grube Educational Centre


1.    Call to order

2.    Review of the Agenda.  .

3.    Minutes from the Previous Meeting

4.    Old Business

                                                                                   i.    Bursary Committee (Don/Brad). 

                                                                                  ii.    Aboriginal Parent Engagement (Valerie). 

                                                                                 iii.    DPAC meetings via conference call (Mr. Koopmans). 

                                                                                 iv.    Foodsafe:  Upcoming Foodsafe is October 27.

                                                                                 v.    Parent Education for upcoming year.  Cost estimates for out of town speakers plus two local speakers we’d also like to have present:  Christie Gauley is in charge of the music program for SD73.  Elizabeth Devries is the District Coordinator for Technology.

                                                                                vi.    Traffic calming near Beattie (Superintendent)

                                                                               vii.    Meeting November 21st will be at Lloyd George in the Library at 7pm (Henry Grube is not available)

5.    New Business:   None forwarded in advance of meeting.

6.    Correspondence –

                                                                                  i.    Foodsafe:  Next date is Oct 27.

                                                                                  ii.    Substance Abuse information and training for parents.  This coming weekend.  Poster previously distributed.

                                                                                 iii.    Notice of motion for School District Policies (Technology, Nutrition, Child Protection)

                                                                                 iv.    Lion’s club invitation.  Coming up this Saturday (Oct 21).

                                                                                  v.    Board Notes.  Forwarded to DPAC distribution list.


7.    NEXT GENERAL MEETING: November 21 at 7 pm at the Lloyd George Library (corner of Pine St. and 8th in Lower Sahali).

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by SD73 DPAC - Tuesday, 17 October 2017, 12:35 PM

Dear DPAC folks,

Please note that due to the extreme weather on the way (starting already), we are CANCELLING tonight's DPAC meeting.

Environment Canada is warning that a wind storm is upon us, with squalls possible, including rain, hail, snow and/or thunderstorms.  They are asking folks to stay off the roads and stay safe.  Power might even be knocked out (it was off for some 200 of us this morning).

Please don't attempt to drive tonight in this wild weather.  Batten down the hatches, hug your wee ones, and ride out the storm safely tucked in with a cup of cocoa.

I'll send some correspondence separately that we were going to chat about tonight.

On behalf of your exec, stay safe everyone!

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First DPAC meeting of 2017/18 School Year
by SD73 DPAC - Thursday, 14 September 2017, 11:15 AM

Welcome back to DPAC, PAC representatives,

Our first meeting is on Tuesday Sept 19 at the Henry Grube Centre at 7pm.

Please let me know if you have any agenda items you'd like me to add.

I'll have a few printed copies of the agenda at the meeting if you forget to bring yours along.

Please have a discussion with your PAC:  What education sessions would you like DPAC to help bring to the SD?  We can host speakers and workshops and networking sessions - what do you need?

See you on Tuesday!